Monday, January 27, 2020

madCAM 6 SR 8

Toolpath Dialogs: New option included with every toolpath dialog for selecting or changing cutter tool. This makes it possible to change tool for existing toolpaths when using the recalculate function. (3X,4X,5X and 5Xtra)

Cutter Tools: Ball-end, flat-end, corner-end and taper-end cutters are listed separately when clicking on the tabs for choosing type of cutter. The cutters are listed in order of the diameter. (Largest cutters at top) (3X,4X,5X and 5Xtra)

Toolpath Function: New option for the Between Curves function it is now possible to choose parallel or across curves. If the curves are closed and the settings are Parallel with direction One Way, it will generate a spiral toolpath as in the picture below. (3X,4X,5X and 5Xtra)

5-axis Profiling: New option for gouge checking when using 5-axis profiling. Gouge checking can be "All curves", "Curve by curve" or "Off". Curve by Curve gouge checking can be useful in some cases if processing many curves and knowing that there isn't any gouging in between the curves. Gouge checking off can be useful if processing line curves, for example with saw blades. The default is all curves. (5Xtra)

Post Processor: New option for postprocessor output from Cplane origin. This makes it possible to set the zero point for the output by placing a Cplane. (3X,4X,5X and 5Xtra)

Post Processor: Two new variables for the post processor. "cutter_tool_list" and "machining_time". It is possible to get all cutters that are used and the total machining time listed in the output file. (3X,4X,5X and 5Xtra)

(Tool list)
( T1 PF16 40X50 )
( T1 PF8 30X50 )
( T1 VVK130-1,3 1.3X1.3 )
( Min X:117596.227 Max X:120065.781 )
( Min Y:10032.375 Max Y:11413.127 )
( Min Z:0.000 Max Z:159.000 )
G10 L2 P2 X-4316 Y-2143 Z-1231.6

G53 G90 G00 G49 Z-100 D0 H0
G5P10000 R5
G52 X#600 Y#601 Z#602
( FEED: )
( TIME/PROGRAM: estimated programtime: 19 minutes 6 seconds  )

Post Processor: Post processor support for inverse time feed (G93). (3X,4X,5X and 5Xtra)