Friday, November 26, 2010

Simultaneous 5-axis copy, paste and transform.

This video shows how to copy toolpaths from one model, paste it in to a new model, transform the toolpaths to a new position and then run it as simultaneous 5-axis.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

madCAM 4.3 Beta release

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New Features:
  •  Contour re-machining: (Expert-level)
    Automatic rest material contour machining calculated from previous cutter. This function works for 3,4 and 5-axis.
  • Axis of revolution: (Four-axis and Expert-level)
    New option for calculating towards or away from the axis of revolution. This makes it possible to cut the inside of a shape with 4-axis or 5-Axis toolpaths.

  • Profiling: (Four-axis and Expert-level)
    New option for keeping the cutter perpendicular to curve when using 2D-profiling in 4-axis.
 Enhanced Features:
  • Cut simulator: (Entry-level, For-axis and Expert-level when simulating 3-axis toolpaths)
    Multi color cut simulation. It is possible to save a color with each cutter.

  • Planar finishing with contouring: (Four-axis and Expert-level)
    Now calculates faster, makes a smoother path and works better when using a small stepover.

  • Z-level re-machining: (Expert-level)
    Optimized linking and smooth blending for less rapid traverses and better cutter motion.

  • Toolpath Clipping planes: (Entry-level, Four-axis and Expert-level)
    New option for clipping planes at cutter tip or cutter center.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Simultaneous 5-axis contour re-machining

Video showing simultaneous 5-axis contour re-machining by using the axis of revolution function together with 3D-regions.